Those of you wondering what various members of the Foxes have been doing since going on an extended hiatus might do well to hook up to the Octopuses amid whose ranks you’ll find lurking Adam Bell and Alan Grice. Pressed up on a cassette the four track ‘cool story bro’ single promises to be something of a 90’s neo psychedelic revivalist and should give hint as to what’s expected of the bands forthcoming debut full length ‘yes please’. Imagined as Adam watching an old TV performance of the band from that un-golden year 1985, ‘cool story bro’ chirps and dallies with a subtle vintage sounding electro prog pop cool that curiously chimes in unison to those other arbiters of the retro Goodnight Lenin albeit here straying ever so slightly left of centre and as though glittered up and mainlining on a strange species of Supertramp, though that’ll be a strange species of Supertramp channelling on Thomas Dolby frequencies whilst transmitting on devilishly infectious MOR hybrids. Flip side ‘girl’ isn’t bad either, a total differing beast which from the very brief sample we’ve heard appears to be freewheeling in the same kind of day-glo new wave Buzzcock-ian groove that the Scratch managed to make their trademark sound. And before we omit to say – out via the lick music imprint.


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