reverb conspiracy

Many thanks to Carlo of Fuzz Club records who sent us a message giving a heads up to a handful of well-heeled releases that should by rights be on the festive wants lists of all in tuned shade adorned day-glo dudes not least the hot off the press news of a forthcoming uber limited black angels / sonic jesus split. Before all that though there’s the small detail of outings by Singapore Sling and the Underground Youth (both of whom will feature a little further on this missive). For now though – and again due on the blocks for a closer inspection later on is what on first listening is proving to be an essential 2 disc compilation entitled ‘reverb conspiracy’ which features a 15 track gathering of the psych clans among the track listing a veritable roll call of doyens of bonged out groove including Camera, Mugstar, the Oscillation, Lola Colt et al – all of whom will be inspected more closely in a future dispatch. That said you don’t get off that easy for the heads among you (not that you should need prompting) may do well to note the inclusion of a revamped version of Goat’s ‘hide from the sun’ featuring a guest appearance by BJM’s Anton Newcombe – this version spooked, spell crafted and swirled in all manner of dissipating wooziness and stoned out mirages so potent that one whiff could floor a floppy fringed psychedelic horse let alone those well versed in chemical concoctions and here found channelling some far eastern mystic while snake dancing to the most insanely curvaceous arabesque motif we’ve heard since the cavalry came hurtling over the hills charging to the fanfare of an Invaders of the Heart ditty. And as though that wasn’t enough and just to prove we here are no slouches when it comes to spotting a good ‘un three tracks in, there’s always Deathcrush to play austere death disco tag courtesy of the formidable ‘you now’ which if your none too careful has the unnerving ability to turn to stone all who get caught in its frenzied glare – and should be something on the radar of those much admiring of both the Vibration and Controller. Controller. And just as we were about to wrap matters up for now up pops this sparsely etched dark beauty to vie for our affections – from the excellently named the History of Colour TV – the ice dripped early 80’s bruised ‘suddenlines’ slipstreams solemnly and seductively into the sonic vapour trails once emitted by the likes of b-movie, zerra 1, modern eon and the wild swans to allure all with its quietly majestic dream popped bliss kissed grandeur. Oh blimey the Singapore Sling cut is pretty nifty too – look just leave it alone till next time.

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