roadside picnic

And so we return back to Roadside Picnic for a brace of releases imminent on the Jehu and Chinaman overseen plastik tonez imprint and with them an apology to Justin Wiggan for the delays thus far in getting these out. You may recall us mentioning the imprints debuting outing – a phonic reconstruction of Queen’s ‘sheer heart attack’ – all part of a proposed 10 set odyssey all coming pressed up on strictly limited cassette issue (10 in all with no expectation or plan to repress). First up a quite extraordinary rephrasing of Kate Bush’s critically acclaimed centrepiece ‘hounds of love’ – here recoded as ‘HNDZOLV’ – a truly amazing journey into Bush’s imagined dark psych, analysed and rethreaded through his Roadside Picnic eye Wiggan has dissembled the original and reconstructed it by way of his own impish appreciation, what could have gone horribly wrong is instead resuscitated anew to fall succinctly between lengthening trademark passages steeled in disquieting eeriness and moments of tranquil beauty. Some thirty years since its emergence the enchanted landscapes carved out by Ms Bush have grown wild and feral, a ghostly aura presides over Wiggan’s aural safari, the textures and motifs of the original are found subsumed, more so cannibalised into a hugely listenable albeit dislocated 60 minute weird stew that lifts to moments of delicately dinked radiance down to chill tweaked intervals of desolation and detachment. Here found sounds, sonic manipulation trickery, native calls, spliced loops and white noise dialogues terra form these lands anew, the recognisable sound of ‘running up that hill’ appears rephrased as a slow sorrowful dronal tide while the author hones in to extrapolate and enhance ‘the ninth wave’ suite with most notably ‘hello earth’, ‘and dream of sheep’ and ‘waking the witch’ interweaved and coalesced to forge the re-appraisals building blocks.

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