A much welcome message from Ralph of the Wreaths who you may recall came highly recommended by those dudes Schizo Fun Addict who frankly weren’t kidding for their debuting self-titled full length literally blew us away to position itself high up in our end of year list of affections. Anyhow the message was a nod not one, nor two but three planned releases / appearances currently in hatching stages. The ‘Mr Fang’ will get an airing a little later – wouldn’t want to spoil you all, as to the other two an imminent 7 inch for Byrdhouse and a glimpse into fruits de mer future with a bollock dropping un-mastered edit of a Gordon Lightfoot ditty from back in the day. Frankly you need these for they provide evidence enough that these blighters may well be the coolest dudes on the planet right now. First up that Byrdhouse 7 inch which is slated for January issue and pairs together ‘supermoon’ and ‘fumblin dice’ – a blinder it is to with the former serving up the best three and a half minute shot to the system we’ve had the pleasure of hearing since the much missed Werewolves exited stage left. This slice of slyly horny pop arrives all laced seductively to a palpable prowling tension graced in a nocturnally set purring sensual lust that’s softly shimmered to a cortege of sighing twangs and swoon engaging inclines, absolutely smoking stuff. Better still over the flip ‘fumblin dice’ is a 9 minute plus cosmic road blues trip re-visiting your prized bliss kissed platters of yesteryear and comes initially traced upon a lunar hymnal found gliding in the vapour trailing haze left by a latter career Spacemen 3 before jettisoning off radar to tune into some well-heeled John Fahey delta groove noodling for a brief moment before re-assuming contact to form an amorphous dreamy glaze of dissipating mind morphing mirages trip wired and haloed in ethereal wooziness to very much career into territories more commonly visited upon the critically cool Fuxa.  

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