leigh toro

pulled this from a face book posting from Orla Wren who praising its charms goes onto say he’d collaborated with the artist in question as the bamboo stilts. Anyhow this is an album preview link heralding the arrival of ‘l’espirit de l’escalier’ by Leigh Toro via eilean records. A quite extraordinary suite tranquilly twinkled in what can only be described as something crafted from the twilight interiors of snoozing frost forests, minimalist yet busy with it one minute glitchy lullabies, the next bruised noir stressed neo classical chamber fugues, radiophonic wonkiness and wistful pastoral wanders, certainly something deserving of closer attention preferably late at night when all is calm, still and less distracting. Should appeal first hand to those admiring of those early boltfish releases.  https://soundcloud.com/eilean_rec/leigh-toro-flotel-lesprit-de-lescalier-album-preview

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