No sooner have we managed to drag our jaw off the floor from all the hullabaloo incited by the previously mentioned Sara Lowes newie then along come the excellently named meltybrains? to have us wowing and swooning in alternating formations. A hotly tipped 5 piece based in Dublin who to date have a brace of much admired EP’s beneath their collective arm all of which too much grumbling and mutterings have somehow thus far sneaked beneath our well-oiled radar. Anyhow this ‘un – ‘IV’ comes prized from a forthcoming single for meltylabs?- ‘Donegal’ being its partner in crime. A spectral beauty that manages to occupy the sonic voids between dream pop, post rock and lunar ambience, in short a 5 minute plus bliss kissed titan that appears to shimmer beneath a flag that unites the mercurial craft of the Church, the creativity of working for a nuclear free city and the sublime panache of Sennen, both familiar and yet strangely unfamiliar the amorphous ‘IV’ slipstreams with terraformic delight, a fading distress call from a lost galactic out post it ghosts in steeled to a frost framed elegance that delicately thaws, blossoms and radiates to reveal a forlorn floorshow of ethereal echoes haloed in sun spotted stratospheric symphonies and twinkling carousels which all said – given we mention Ms Lowes at the start – imagines a youthful Earlies re-sculpting the orbital orchestrations of Tangerine Dream.

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