sara lowes

Much missed around these here parts, the Earlies were at one time in the not so dim long past regular courtiers to our turntable turning in time and time again exquisite releases which gathered together forged a formidable body of enviable sounds. These days I suspect the members have flown the coup and despatched themselves to the four corners of the globe without so much as a postcard or a ‘hi how are you this fine morn’ – all that is save Sara Lowes who is currently readying herself for the release of album number 2 (‘the joy of waiting’) following 2011’s acclaimed ‘back to creation’ debut. From that set for from railings records ‘I find you’ has just been unveiled, a cornucopia of sensurround sound awaits to allure lushly spaced out and sumptuously trip wired to a deceptively divine 60’s flower folk motif rethreaded in a futuristic gaze scratched in chill dipped down tempo mosaics and seductively spared with a sparse lunar psych funkiness steeled to arabesque purrs, if you must have references think Linda Perhacs going all Donna Summer sultry.   

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