bonfire nights

We oft pride ourselves at being able to spot a good tune 10 paces out, which roughly translated for the casual passer- by really means that we here can pretty much gage within the opening groovess of a track whether it’s for us or not. Call it love at first sight (or hearing if you fancy a spot of being a tad pedantic), but we’ve been seldom wrong or disappointed. So when Bonfire Nights (and not the much missed Fireworks Night which we initially mistook it to read) loomed large on our sound player, before scarcely hearing a note we had a sly inkling that this might be something special, I mean the soundcloud imagery / or avatar alone raised an expectant pique. Four demonic shadowy dudes loitering with dark intent – hell we were sold and yet scarcely a chord had been strummed in anger. ‘ego death’ be their debut single a flat-lining austere choked slab of neo psych post punk Dadaism whose head space appears to have crash landed somewhere in that golden year of 1979 whereupon to desolate futuristic landscapes nightmarishly sculptured by Tubeway Army’s ‘replicas’ albeit as seen through the viewfinder of a kraut gouged Echoboy and to the lock grooved hypnotic drone bombardment of Wire’s ‘I am the fly’ become the edgily frayed darkly sultry playground of Magazine, frankly the kind of psychotropic stuff that we here expected to have the sonic cathedral seal of approval scorched on its hide with a branding iron and something vying hard in the affection stakes with those Wreaths dudes as sexiest thing on planet pop right this moment.  Incidentally available via bad vibrations on a split 7 inch with tripwires occupying the flip side.

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