betty and the id

Another ensemble with a thing for Wire-isms are Betty and the ID, no strangers around these here parts though absent from these pages for far longer than we care to mention or admit, these Birmingham based dudes feature amid their ranks at least one former member of the much missed L’Augmentation who as you should know – if that is you’ve been paying attention at the back – are shortly to be graced with a retrospective via the critically cool Reverb Worship imprint. Anyhow enough of that the ID’s have just released their third album ‘not in front of the servants’ for wrong syde records and from this little gem entitled ‘the analyst’ has been sent on a mission tasked with attracting and ensnaring the occasional innocent passer-by. Damn fine too by our reckoning adorned as it is upon a chugging and grizzled power pop throb spiked deliciously in a new wave day-glo daubing that subtly glares with a psychotropic stare that imagines some secret studio conspiracy embarked under the quiet of night by a gathering of Magoo, the DB’s and Beatnik Filmstars types.  

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