of arrowe hill

Much bunting being festooned around these here parts at the news of a new Of Arrowe Hill full length due to descend before the festivities, Christmas present to self – tick – sorted. ‘a conspiracy of clocks’ be its name from which is peeled from its grooves comes ‘….& that’s really what happened blues’ – a bit of a belter it is, a rollicking rummage through your record collection especially if your prized platters have a distinct Mark E Smith taste factor, a sub three minute slab of grifter road burn is what you get for your hard earned dosh that turns the dial back to a classic 50’s era where strode goliath cool like Sun Records, Vincent, Williams and Taylor, their ghosts gathered in the auto shed and given a re-tuning spruce up by a tag team made up of members of Clinic and 10 Benson. Need I say more – somehow I think not.

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  1. The album is amazing and yes this is a proper belter.

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