Pick a Piper, Squalloscope, love cult

Something else we picked up via a face book posting which is just as well as its been a while since we heard from Italian based imprint Bad Panda, anyhow this is available as a free download and it’s the sumptuous ‘sun glitters mix’ of the Pick a Piper track ‘all her colours’ which manages to dream itself into the kind radiant glacial pop crushes that once upon a time wherein strictly of the domain of the loaf and lo recordings sound houses (I should say at this point – they still are). https://soundcloud.com/bad-panda-records/pick-a-piper-all-her-colours

Now I’m suspecting that many among you might be thinking, well that’s all well and good Mark and thanks for sharing, but did you know it’s a year old. Well as it happens yes – the reason for its inclusion being by way of a short introduction because these dudes have a three way collaborative set about to emerge into the light via the Russian imprint full of nothing wherein they share groove space on a 2 track 7 inch (which includes three additional bonus MP3’s) with love cult and squalloscope. ‘never get lost’ leads the charge, an acutely funky cutie that sways and flirts to an old school early 80’s dance floor vibe bedded upon a rolling circular bass heavy dubtronic grooving and a devilishly dinked nursery rhyme like motif whose skipping minimalism and sparseness had us in mind of the Tom Tom Club in cahoots with the Raincoats with Agents aren’t Aeroplanes rooted fast at the mixing desks. Far superior by our reckoning is ‘ruin’, more statuesque and panoramic in sonic appearance and slickly built upon a killer dub gouging swirled in arabesque mosaics and head woozy ethereal echoes the type of which once upon a time you’d find adorning the platters put out by Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart.  http://everything.fullofnothing.net/album/pick-a-piper-squalloscope-love-cult     

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