jay tausig

Been an age since we featured anything by occasional fruits de mer mind scrambler Jay Tausig, if I recall rightly last time out he was immersed in some colossal Zodaic release roster and I even think there was mention of CD’s being sent out for a listen by yours truly which alas never arrived whether through forgetfulness or the fact that they were mischievously lost by Royal Mail (whose record collection these days must be better than mine). Grumbling aside this is one fried out head kick for ‘in a strange way’ is a freshly minted cut literally only just nailed to tape, a freakish 14 minute jazz lounge mind expander veering to the  polar outer markers of jazz lounge and weird exotica in between passing through krautrock star sectors amid whose fantastical wig flipped odyssey moments of angular schizoid busyness (think pretty much most of the Foolproof Projects catalogue) are trippily spiked by passages of dreamy out there-ness (see Bill Laswell), it all makes for a colourful cornucopia of ear dissolving sound that all at once manages to touch base with the likes of Ayler, Embryo and Tubby Hayes.  https://soundcloud.com/jaytausig/in-a-strange-way

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