listening center

I’m sure we’ve had occasion to mention listening center in previous dispatches – however we could be wrong. What is certain is that it’s the brain child and alter ego of New York sound minimalist David Mason and whose futuristic cold war craft ought to appeal to admirers of Concretism. New album ‘ cycles / other phenomena’ is pure vintage electronica, echoes from a Radiophonic age and something ripe for listening by those tuning in to everything from Ghost Box to Delia Derbyshire and all points between which while we try to nab copies or downloads of we’ll mention both the opening cut ‘cycles’ and ‘intersection’, the latter a strangely playful slice of lunar cosmicalia that sounds like the warm digits rephrasing Echoboy’s ‘scene 30’ with the former a gorgeous slice of minimalistically phrased early 70’s Open University wonkiness time travelled to the present – or so it seems – by Zombi’s Steve Moore. The album incidentally is available as a strictly limited 100 only cassette, quite frankly we want one.


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