little arrow

a wonderfully disjointed affair which when you think you’ve a handle on suddenly jettisons off in a differing direction requiring you to rethink your position and start again only for the process to start again. In truth in terms of putting you on your back foot unable to grip upon reference markers for guides we’d say Little Arrow’s ‘medicine moon’ is up there with the debuting brace of releases by the Animal Collective. But there the similarity ends for there’s a kind of smoky surrealism and a lolloping lilt engaging amid these grooves that suggests a loose kinship with Pavement (albeit on a MOR homage to 70’s rock) in so far as refusing to adhere to normal pop sound structures, the use of ad hoc time signatures and the amassing styles forged into the becoming melting pot which itself cosmically spirals from soft psychedelia, prairie pop and dreamy sepia framed musicalia which perched together poses something of a richly rewarding listening experience though agreed trippy and strangely out of step, the video is none too bad either a kind of impish fusion of galaxy quest, blake 7 and the mighty boosh.

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