omi palone

Now if you’d asked me had we ever featured Omi Palone previously in these pages I’d have screamed in the affirmative until I was blue in the face, but a quick little search around our word press site suggests otherwise which let us be honest is no great advocate of certainty given we’ve yet to upload about 400 lost missives (saving that experience for a very long rainy day I can tell you). Anyway ahead of a tour with black fungus, ‘singled out’ is their first new material since April’s critically admired self-titled debut full length which we fear we may have missed – cue grinding teeth. A slap you around the head eye poking affair drilled to a nagging twang-a-rama grooving and kissed with a kick ass up close and personal grind which to these ears veers defiantly as though something hatched in a secret studio plot by Fatima Mansions (albeit minus the catholic guilt), the Godfathers and Robert Lloyd is I guess one way of describing it. Another would probably be essential especially if you’ve a regular want for the hearing of the Weather Prophets.

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