tired tape machine

okay you probably won’t be too surprised to hear that we’ve gotten nothing in so much as information / details about this, though disappointing as that might sound or seem we suggest you hunt this babe down as your own because this is a truly unexpected rewarding and giving listening experience. It’s by tired tape machine who hail I believe from Sweden and it goes by the title ‘not here’, an album featuring nine tracks which from out of those we’ve heard reveal a collective melodic mind set far removed from the normal glacial velour that emits from the Scandinavian pop factories and instead emerges from a place darkly seductive, beautifully broken and scratched in a rare folk enchantment. So far we’ve been quite smitten by ‘your ghost’ – an aural aperture peeling through the twilight veil, delicately dimpled in spectral pastorals and wheezing to a lolloping and bruised shanty motif all gorgeously hollowed in a frailly haunted tapestry that mourns sweetly as though a blood stained love note left as a cursed reminder of a doomed unrequited love, elements of John Barry creak and bleakly caress a crippled and crooked line whose markers touch upon the vintage of the hare and the moon, set fire to flames and preterite though whose artistry in terms of the arrangement and the eerie trembles to the mercurial unworldliness of Black Heart Procession’s ‘II’. Stunning in a word, there’s a vinyl edition which we fear spontaneous combustion should we not secure a copy. http://tiredtapemachine.bandcamp.com/

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