perry botkin

Whilst at Probe at little earlier this evening we eyed a vinyl copy of the’ Halloween III’ soundtrack which we are baggsying as a Christmas treat to self next time we occasion a visit to the store. The album – of which I don’t recall seeing ever on vinyl – though I’m suspecting it must have been in the early 80’s – is issued by Death Waltz records who it seems appear to the key note resource for all your way out weird horror shock sci-fi soundtrack listening. Currently on their roster there’s Death and Vanilla’s ‘Vampyr’ – these dudes aren’t strangers to these pages given we mentioned – or at I’m certain we’ve them in the recent past following outings for the ever adored moon glyph imprint. In addition a rare soundtrack to the 1980 film ‘chain reaction’ and 1982’s ‘turkey shoot’ as well as ‘beyond the black rainbow’ which film wise is getting rave notices at present and is proving something we need to hook up with as soon as. However pride of the bunch is their ultra limited (red and green wax no less) double disc set from 1984’s festive shocker ‘silent night, deadly night’. The score penned by Perry Botkin is not so much all out edge of your seat grimness but rather more a nightmarish trip to some sort of freakish enchantment for here lurks a supernatural magicalia tempered in suspense stricken sighs, chilled tipped flurries and skewed time signatures, a shadowy meeting point between Stockhausen and Jerry Goldsmith all coiled in pensive neo classicist noir and that’s just the opening track – we will try and source a copy for full review shortly.  

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