ryota mikami

Picked this up from a twitter feed would you believe, indeed I am omnipresent, it’s  by Ryota Mikami and goes by the name ‘hotel’ – a track pulled from an EP set called ‘Buddha, Mozart and the Ladies’ which I’m gathering we need to hear sharpish given that the track in question is purported by its author to feature samples of Abba, Cyndi Lauper and Mozart grooves not that their so easy to detect, that said at only 64 seconds in length its shoehorns in more jubilant radiance than most ensembles hiding beneath the west coast pop banner manage to muster in a career. Very much informed and admiring of the Kevin Shields wall of celestial sound  c. ‘loveless’ this honey toned heavenly visitation comes shimmered in the subtle rush of industrialonics all signed in a divinely euphoric dream wave glazing. Bliss.

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