les chaussettes

Must admit the heart skipped a little to be greeted upon arrival at home by a tidy bundle of packages among which a brace of incoming releases from the previously un-encountered Punk Fox imprint. First up and on lipstick pink wax the debuting physical release from Vancouver based quartet Les Chaussettes. I don’t mind admitting that this has been on constant rotation since making its way to introduce itself to our turntable, described in passing by the label as songs of love and lust in a punk pop vibe with added 60’s surf twists – in truth they had us at the love and lust bit’. ‘Kate’ is your cutesy cute wonky lo-fi loveliness that swoons a tad tipsy and unsteady to a slyly crooked and cool dizzy courtship of breezy south seas tropicalia mirages, 60’s lysergically dimpled keys and sun setting west coast sighs, though while we could dazzle you to a list of ear candy reference markers such as the Shangri La’s, the Shaggs and the September Girls in truth you’d be best seeking out Blondie’s debuting full length for a more appropriate sonic kinship. Over on the flip you’ll find the equally engaging ‘Volcanoes’ – a brightly fluffy serving of radiant shade adorned psychotropic bubble grooving garage beat, kind of Lovely Eggs with an attack of the Strawberry Switchblades that somewhat sheds its skin and goes all weird, woozy and fuzzed out at its fall  http://leschaussettes.bandcamp.com/track/kate

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