Now here’s a rare treat a record whose press release opens in red print to a ‘warning – these songs contain strong adult language throughout…….if you think you’ll be offended, then don’t play it!!!’ – I mean I know we are in dire times under the excusing shadow of political correctness and fearful of offending, but it’s hardly incitement to take up arms or other variously questionable sloganeering, frankly I’m more likely to get offended these days by sound of ‘new man’ Morrissey rather than a few choice Anglo Saxon words, safe to say I’d have been more offended had the blighter sounded crap – but you’ll be happy to know it doesn’t. Originally released in that heady year 2003 where it appeared on the debuting ist pop platter ‘Freudian corduroy’, ‘boyfriend’ is your dark intent plotting anthem for all those who detest your ex’s latest crush with a passion bordering on pathological obsession, not that we’ve had cause to ponder such, in fact as I recall I think we’ve even shook hands and patted said souls on the back almost thanking them for the release from a life of tedium, torture and torment. Hey ho. Primarily for those who love your flavouring of pop twisted, spiked and spiteful, this proto punk calling card ought to first and foremost tickle the radar of those among you with a thing for the Teen Anthems, Pooh Sticks and Violent Femmes’ ‘ugly’ and manages to pull itself back from the brink of the obnoxious (hello Anti Nowhere League) and the ridiculous (hi Toy Dolls) to shape up approaching something acutely cool wherein even the riffola stings with barbed needle like scorn as it line up proudly snarled in a discarded Dead Boys bleaching. Also features the same track re-trimmed by Window Licker and arrives pressed on eye catching splatter vinyl – are they spoiling us we wonder? Available along with the previously mentioned Les Chaussettes single via punk fox records.    

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