passion pusher

For the life of me and don’t ask me why, but hearing the latest release from the song, by toad imprint (their first cassette release to boot) by Passion Pusher whose identity incidentally we are at a loss to reveal given we’ve lost the email gubbins that yielded this sound link, we here are a picking up a definite desire / urge / need to spend the next few hours rifling through the amassed records here at the Sunday Experience musical box emporium trying to root out our prized Micro Disney platters because it’s just me there’s a similar disconnection going on between what is happening music wise and its relationship to the singer – one being – well not outlandishly happy but sparky – the other wallowing disconsolately imparting a feeling that he’d rather be elsewhere, either that or a merit student of the Leonard Cohen school of croon. Whatever the case it makes for an attractive listening treat to which admirers of Gary Wilson may do well to tune into not least if they’ve ever pondered what their hero might sound like doing a worse for Dean Martin stylee. ‘couch king’ EP features four such treats all bolted upon a borderline slacker grooving and metered to a low light lo-fi phrasing, these lolloping gems twinkle imagining a rain swept almost bored existence, the opening title cut sounding not unlike a totally wasted and a tad self-loathing and bitter Baby Bird that barely manages to make it to the end without falling over weighed down by its own disappointment. The sepia trimmed ‘tryna b cool’ – the best thing here in our humbled opinion – comes dusted in a hypnotic corkscrewing motif that subtly nibbles to a 50’s bubble grooving as etched by a cruise controlled Marr armed to the sonorous out of it croon of its protagonist, quite frankly the most out of step release we’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year.

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