aborted alien bovine

Really haven’t a clue what’s happening here but I wouldn’t be too surprised if this ends up being the shortest festive related release you’ll find featured in these musings this year, from Dutch metallers Aborted Alien Bovine – are you now beginning to see what exactly attracted us in the first place – this is ‘merry Christmoos’ (a free download no less – so you have no excuses now) – basically 42 seconds of slacker metal which admittedly starts off a little head strong as though baiting for a squabble with your head space until somewhat going all chilled if that’s how you’d describe it and proceeding to gather around the festive tree for some er – hearty cheer to the cries of ‘seasonal abortion’, ‘festive beef’, christmoos balls’ and ‘merry christmoss’ – in truth it sounds better than we described it.  merry metalmas to one and all. 



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