arbitrary identifier

Described loosely as weird sci-fi from Sydney, duo Arbitrary Identifier have just released their (I’m assuming) debut full length ‘moist’ which among other things promises rare glimpses at future music – disjointed beats, harsh sounds and textures coalescing into something that’ll confuse, repulse and perhaps delight – their words loosely not ours for apprehensive as we were on approach this set rather more reveals something mellowing, tranquil and dreamy, ‘tranquilsmooth’ is the case in point, as it hints on the lid – tranquil and smooth, this psychotropic lunar lilted lovely both demurs and beguiles, a swirling carousel of dream glazed star crushed symphonia threaded delicately to a frosted though bitter sweetly sighing lullaby-esque bruising. Somewhere else the terra-forming ‘softly insomnia’ is one minute awash in darkly weaved ambient textures, the atmosphere and mood turned to chill where insectoid beats and shuffling murmurs busily chatter in the mix – the next dinked by chirping Oriental robotnic motifs which to some may instil flashbacks of an early career Maps and Diagrams until dissipating again for the final part of its metamorphis into doomy industrial swathes before resetting back to first base. An unexpected treat.

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