exile pots

Another release we happily tripped across whilst having a wander around band camp world, this is by Exile Pots who as far as we understand or can tell hail from Manchester whose three track ‘Sorcery’ EP is something that ought to be high on the watch list for those space cadets among you much admiring of kraut grooved strange worlds not least the title track which in short is an 18 minute head trip exploring sounds inner space. A full on head phonic experience best visited when all is at peace and only then with the volume cranked to maxima, everything from Floyd to Tangerine Dream is summarily shoehorned into this expansive canvas for here you be visited upon by cosmic collages, astral ambience, trance blip core and much more all weaved in to a heady mind evaporating dream dub titan the type of which sounds not unlike a bong tooting bliss out third eye summit gathering of tripped out psychotropic freaks Ozric Tentacles, Astralasia, Orb and System 7 and very much traversing into wig flipped environs oft frequented by the much missed Delirium imprint. Recommended in case you hadn’t quite worked it out for yourselves.  http://exilepots.bandcamp.com/album/saucery

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