hillstrom and billy

I’ll be totally honest with you, what initially attracted us to this posting was the all-important detail that these dudes are shortly to release an album by the name ‘the never ending paint job’ which title alone should see it being grabbed out of the mailer and placed straight to player should the day ever come that we get sent a copy. Anyway more pristine pop from Sweden (I’m still certain that there is afoot a secret Scandinavian pact to take over the world with music or at the very least they have a conveyor belt chock full of ear candy crafting clones), this lot as it happens go by the name of Hillstrom and Billy – originally a one man affair but now expanded to a collective of like-minded musicians. ‘keys in the lake’ is a  pre teaser tasting of what to expect from the aforementioned incoming full length, a bracing slice of what can only be best described as redemptive pop given that it appears to glide  over the hills and into your ear apace rescuing all from the pits of despair with its slyly deceptive quietly realised feel good radiance, which aside being possessed of the kind of ear candy kudos to see it adoring the drive time radio schedules is also blessed with something of a World Party appeal about its wares.  https://soundcloud.com/hillstr-m/keys-in-the-lake-4

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