Picked this up from a face book recommendation by Chris Sharp – he who is Concretism – whose album incidentally is way over due for review – a fact we will be addressing in the coming days. Now we have no information on lovekrafty (is that some sort of new order reference – we do lose touch with such pop matters these days)- anyhow they’ve recently released a new full length entitled ‘ghosts’ from which this sound cloud selection comes prized from. We here are a tad quite fond of ‘focus’ – carousel fanfares from long forgotten galactic outposts, this serene honey is graced with the kind of 70’s attraction so much adored and crafted anew by those ghost box chaps, though scratch a little deeper and passing through the retro lullabies something very much twinkled in the minimalist hues of both a youthful ISAN and Plone comes seductively surfacing to the top. And while you’re there also take time to sample the delightful ‘raudive valve’ with its ornate orbiting promenade organ recitals dreamily draping alien night skies and very much turned in the spirit of Ron Grainer albeit as though re-threaded by a coalition of fortdax and tele:funken types.

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