presents for sally (with sound links)

Staying just a wee while longer with Presents for Sally, we forgot to mention that forthcoming attractions should see the release of an album in the new year or thereabouts, though before that a festive treat in the guise of ‘every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings’. Only 50 of these are being pressed – due for delivery upon the festive sleigh in a month or so time, each will come lovingly hand stamped using a special seasonal greetings and be individually housed in wrapping paper. Of course as every good boy and girl knows the title references that age old seasonal silver screen gem ‘it’s a wonderful life’ a film that even to this day after countless viewing I still can’t get past the Christmas tree scene at the end without blubbing like an infant. Pressed on by friends who likened the track to East 17’s perennial festive tear jerker ‘stay another day’, Matt from the band admitted that they’d finally resolved to cut the track on principle revealing they’d been a tad tipsy during the recording, not that you’d tell because despite protestations that its timing is at points a little skewiff – huh perfectionists eh…all sounds fine and dandy with us. Agreed it does have that tug of the East 17 classic of yore, shimmered in snow falls and cosy toed in a warming fuzzy felt hymnal that coalesces sublimely to the marriage of resonating bell chimes, frost tipped keys and ornate swathes of spectral electro fanfares all bowed together in a deliciously alluring ethereal gauzing which blossoms, peels and unfurls into a stirring euphoric crescendo towards its fall – which – getting all misty eyed now – put us much in mind of the Earlies.

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