white fence

I feel we might be an album light with regards to   White Fence so I can’t even tell you for certain whether this is a newly minted nugget or something that’s previously had you young folk with the floppy fringes and dubious clothing sense all a twisting an a jiving and what other else strange new fangled things that the teens of the day do when the sounds of the stereo kicks into life. One thing we can say though about ‘Anger! Who keeps you Under’ is of course yes there’s oodles of retro garage psych – so much so in fact that you suspect the blighters might have nipped back in a time machine and whilst ensconced in some hippy chic groovy 60’s boutique happened across some  Syd scribbles for gems still in their infancy and on the way to modern day with swag bag over shoulders have along the way stopped by at the Soft Boys ‘underwater moonlight’ sessions for inspiration which by our reckoning is a pretty neat trick to pull off. And yes we’ve just checked it is from that errant ‘for the recently found innocent’ set. Bugger. Available as a download only single towards the back end of January.

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