this is quite the most adorable thing, chill tipped sublime symphonia from Gothenburg based trio Wildhart entitled ‘stuck in a second’ – based on this track alone there’s a suggestion that what these dudes don’t know about the crafting of eclectically purred pop probably isn’t worth noting or knowing about for this ice sculptured honey shape shifts with divine svelte like grace all the time moving delicately up and down the gears of emotional turbulence yet for all its ache seductively shimmered in crystalline lunar pulsars and the most breathlessly shy eyed pristine electronica it’s been our pleasure to hear in a fair old time, reference wise Goldfrapp, Client, the Knife and a lost in the moment bliss kissed and playful Bjork would we suspect be your starting points. Incidentally nearly forgot to mention – it’s out via gaphals. https://soundcloud.com/wildhart

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