wizards tell lies

I really do owe Matt Bowers (for it is he who is Wizards Tell Lies) a massive apology, several releases dating back to July have been adoring our listening space with ethereal chills all of whom have yet to make it to the shared word, a matter that will be rectified this side of Christmas so consider yourselves warned and while you’re at it kindly consider booking a place of safety behind the sofa.  For now though a brace of cuts have just surfaced from out of the Wizards lair, first up an ominous visitation in the shape of ‘terror from space (prologue)’ which rather than having your warmed in the feel good spirit of the season might well have you imagining yourself somewhat lost and disorientated as though awoken mid sleep and unable to find your bearings, ghostly manifestations and that sense of the strange and the unreal dictate the grooving of this aural apparition for it is here amid the eerie stillness and bowed echoes where  spectral shadows shift with stealth like unease and where a strangely disquieting dance of dread plays out. https://simimansound.bandcamp.com/track/terror-from-space-prologue

Those thinking sanctuary awaits with the onset of ‘gone’ quickly think again, a Halloween treat of sorts released on the eve of Samhain, bleakly beautiful, to the dreadening howl of fire scorched storms,  their doom and finality accentuated by the contrasting mournful sigh of a delicately strummed and sorrowed riff opine, godspeed purists will swoon and with good reason. https://simimansound.bandcamp.com/track/gone

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