Latest from Constellation Tatsu (who I’ll add right here and now and due for more love later this missive – or perhaps the next depending on how things pan out) have just put what they fondly describe as their ‘holiday release’.  Four track cassette release from Greyghost who is known to fellow Oaklanders as Brian Griffith whose ‘meditations on mindfulness’ is described by the attaching tags as ‘adventurous American bass fun’ which unless one of us have been taking serious grade A happy pills – not me I hasten to add – isn’t quite how the general public would respond had a sample selection been played it in a street and then put to task completing a questionnaire / straw poll exercise. On the sound system and piping mournfully from out of our speakers ‘deep water, lemurian tides’ is 15 plus minutes of softly yearned retrospective ambient drone, dreamily ached and delicately traced in a wave like forlorn bruising, the presentation panoramic, the mood reverential and the crafting majestic, a perfect sound track for those wanting to seek safe haven and somewhere tranquil and populated by nothingness in order to escape the rigours brought on by the busying hustle and bustle of day time life, especially appealing it should be pointed out to those among you well versed in the early catalogue of the esteemed Kranky imprint.


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