johann johannsson

Sadly no links just yet for this one but something certainly worth taking the time out in tracking down especially if your musical boat floats to the sounds of Sakamoto, Nyman (‘rowing’)and more recently that quite sublime sonic choreography crafted by the hand of Thomas Newman to back drop and adore ‘the Adjustment Bureau’ (none more so than on the irresistible ‘collapsing inward’) is the soundtrack for the acclaimed Stephen Hawking biopic ‘theory of everything’ as composed by Johann Johannsson. Out via back lot music this richly lush and vividly colourful odyssey is trimmed and traced with genteel measurement and divine poise, both radiant and yet steeled in introspection, the arrangements arc and genuflect with a surrendering yearn, from the frail and fragile ‘Cavendish lab’ with its thoughtful sighs to the sweetly glazed and lovelorn pastorals that delicately pepper ‘the game of croquet’, Johannsson enlists and utilises the full emotional spectrum to craft a deeply evocative and tearfully touching suite invested in sepia framed hope with ‘the origins of time’ somewhat graced with the unmistakably exquisite charm of Morricone at his most elegant and stately. Elsewhere waltz florets swirl amid the grandly captivating ‘the wedding’ while a beautifully twinkle toned marriage between tingling keys and swooning wind arrangements seduce ‘the dreams that stuff is made of’ – a little further along those made of less sterner things may do well to avoid the bruised ‘coma’ and the aching ‘spelling board’ though thankfully all comes full circle for the beautifully choreographed title cut ‘the theory of everything’. Essential listening.

Here’s the trailer for the film……

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