matthias von stumberger

gotta get myself one of these beauties, cassette only album release put out the Sheffield based evil hoodoo imprint, this twang-tastic reverb revelling bad boy being by Matthias Von Stumberger entitled ‘rockundroll musik’ arrives armed with seven slabs of high octane psych-o-rama groove which hepcats with their shades n’ quiffs tuned into the zounds of the meteors, guana batz, man or astro man and reverend Horton heat to name just a small few ought to find aplenty in the grooving down n’ dirty stakes for here you’ll find lashings of fuzzy swamp dragged bop swinging and a strutting not least on the basement beat of the killer ‘all dead’ which manages to drag and surgically taper the gash existing between the Heartbreakers and the Mummies and into the bargain deliciously deliver some serious out of it shit faced uber cool tuneage the type of which used to stumble with unnerving frequency out of the estrus sound house. Mind you that said the parting shot ‘love is in the air’ is no pushover – a puss seeping slice of flatlining negative growl flashed through with oodles of no nonsense no wave nuances and rippled in welts of chill gouged edge of your seat paranoia.

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