wasted wine

Don’t mind admitting that their forthcoming platter ‘wasted wine vs. the hypnosis center’ has been receiving admiring glances around the gaff as it currently hogs the stereo player through repeat plays, for now though let us introduce you to the dark delight that is Wasted Wine, a South Carolina (Taylors if you are splitting hairs) collective who’ve blossomed from their early days described as a chamber folk duo to expand in number and style to craft a most colourfully dream weaved tapestry whose influences are informed from a multi lingual musical tongue that incorporates cabaret, folk, eastern, far eastern, noir and beyond, prime example of this and sent ahead on a reconnaissance mission so to speak is the teaser cut ‘post office’. Part macabre freak show part Vaudevillian shanty waltz, there’s something of a Victoriana vintage spooking its way between the grooves perhaps fright theatre as rephrased by Wedding Present off shooters the Ukranians found prowling dark sinister landscapes dreaded up through the mind’s eye of Tom Waits albeit creepily translated by Kurt Weill. Essential.  https://soundcloud.com/noisyghostpr/05-the-post-office

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