broderick and barnes

billed as the last Vacilando 68 release of the year –( though I’m suspecting it won’t be the last you’ll hear of the imprint this missive at least given we’ve just discovered a few strays that’ll be sure to be getting some adoring attention over the festive week) – two track loveliness from Broderick and Barnes whose full length platter ‘house of broken birds’ is looming on the horizon from which ‘December’ is pulled. A seasonal soiree tenderly ghosted in tear stained melancholia and beguiled by a spectral craft of chilled snow flaked pastorals that undulate seductively to tread reflectively all the time opining genteely to the crushed tug of winter’s bleakness which scratched away at the bruised and cowed veneer hold dear to a burning deep set hope, oh and its quite hymnal and prettified in a kind of youthfully vulnerable Oddfellows Casino type way. Over on the flip ‘dab it’ is in truth to these primed ears the Charlatans as done by of arrowe hill – yep that good, possessed of a subtle Robyn Hitchcock (when he was with the Egyptians) kick and so slyly invigorating the blighters ought to bottle it up and sell it under the chemist counter as a pick you up kick out the blues tonic. As ever with all V68 releases a ridiculously required turntable accessory.  

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