next up Goddakk which in case you didn’t know – like us as it happens – is the extra curricula handiwork of plumerai’s martin newman here doing all manner of strange things with guitars some we suspect illegal were there a Geneva convention for 6 strings, again 5 tracks as part of the 5 in 5 dare / task / request and very far removed from his usual dream pop comfort zone. Both ‘my devourer’ and ‘southbounded’ appearing wonkily woozed in the kind of minimalist atmospheric play craft that set up Louis and Bebe Barron as leading lights of the electronic sound age, sound wise sounding like party hard chatter between electroid diodes. ‘where the truth lies’ is made of darker stuff, a chilling cold war slab of edgily paranoiac blank generation futurama while ’52 hertz’ is wired up and get busy enacting an autopsy to pull out and reveal the psychotic dark heart of Numan’s coldly abandoned ‘replicas’. The monochromatic ‘winter in the garden’ wraps up matters though not before leaving you slightly unnerved and frozen to the spot with a deep sense of eerie unease and a desire to pill out your prized stash of early echoboy and add n to x releases. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/praises-to-my-devourer

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