matteo preabianca

Briefly described as ‘sonic collages’ you suspect the expansive sound and creative intent of Matteo Preabianca might well suffer in terms of getting its point over and being truly able to sufficiently breathe and blossom. Fear not for despite the time limitations Preabianca manages with much aplomb to shoehorn in a vast array of sound, style and ambition as to have you literally reeling in admiration. The crypto titled ‘miles, no Davis’ opens proceedings swathing all in a swirling ice sculptured ambient velour propelled by streams of consciousness, the next ‘bratislavskaya’ comes uncharacteristically and by that I mean by title alone you’d expect some Soviet styled regalia instead surprisingly it ushers in adorned in serene bowed chimes that exude a demurring Orient by twilight appeal. ‘Australiana’ likewise arrives reliant on textures in this case a kind of fireworks pageantry while by the time you arrive at ‘Francisco Orleans’ you begin to suspect that the set is a skewed rough guide to native sounds of sorts with this un capturing the jazz spirit perfectly albeit sepia tweaked and somewhat warped in its tonality and execution. Last up ‘puebla vs. milan’ insists on the most simple lullaby motif turned out by dinky twinkling bell corteges.   


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