next up a couple of treats from the Silber imprint who of late appear to have gone into some kind of pre yuletide overdrive, first up a quite fetching limited 12 inch release – how limited is something of a mystery with one source stating 300 and another – funnily enough on the same page having it at 250. Whatever the case you need it especially if what passes for dream pop floats your particular musical boat for this four track debut comes from Drlng who feature among their ranks ex members of the much admired plumerai. The ‘icarus’ EP as said gathers together four quite beguiled gems the lead out title cut ‘Icarus’ somehow avoiding the usually obvious dream pop dialects and instead decidedly opting for something subtly kissed in a rain swept noir bruising that purrs seductively like some youthful variant of Belle and Sebastian undergoing a spot of studio tutoring by Musetta. ‘my gypsy’ on the other hand finds itself sharing a loose kinship with Postcode in so far as recalling with pristine effect the much missed Melys. All said what makes the EP such a deceptively attractive listening experience are Eliza’s purring tonalities, part seductive and siren-esque yet somewhat shy and innocent, the croons and hiccups are quite fetching and cute to say the least not least best viewed on ‘playground punk’ – incidentally the best cut here – shimmers and shivers playfully all the time Eliza’s soulful croon dizzily lost in the moment stirring a gorgeously dinked noodling twee motif the likes of which will make die hard Sarah admirers blush and purr given the fact that it sounds not a million miles away from a dream team gathering of Frente and Siddleys type leaving ‘Seattle’ to round up matters though not before revealing itself as something of a slow burning honey clipped in a classic shade adorned 60’s accent with just the merest of nods to Joe Meek and primed with a deliciously dark noir ballad-esque prowl that sumptuously ruptures into fizzing feedback scowls. Breathless in a word. https://drlngmusic.bandcamp.com/

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