This being the festive season things don’t really get to feeling seasonal or festive around here until the arrival of the Yellow6 Christmas CD card. So I’m happy to announce the 2014 edition is upon us, so while we wait for our copy (just 100 physicals available and then its downloads I’m afraid) we’ll let Jon (Atwood / Yellow6) give you the background as to these annual soirees and details / thoughts on the tracks within though not before we get a chance to put our tuppance ha’penny in to comment upon the cut that Jon recalls having no recall recording (I’m certainly uncertain as to whether that is yer actual allowed English) ‘drone #2’. As rightly pointed out by its author ‘drone #2’ does veer into worlds more commonly associated with past Kranky alumni, pensive and considered, its trademark Yellow6 in so much as it is sculptured in the crafting of moments and moods suspended or put on pause and etched in porcelain beauty, that said there’s an ache to this drifting gem that finds it steeled in isolationism, its mournful contours sigh with such noir detachment and bruised serene beauty as though some graceful Mancini styled opine set to half speed as to have you drawing up close considering the offer of a sympathetic arm.

From Jon Atwood / Yellow6…..

‘so….merry6mas comes of age – 16 years and still g(r)o(w)ing….since it’s origins as 17 hand copied cdr’s in 1999, to it’s peak of 250 copies in 2006, this has been an interesting journey for me – a way of reviewing what I had done during the previous year, and making something worthwhile of music that would otherwise go unheard – music I thought others may also appreciate. I think this has resulted in some really good releases, occasionally regarded by some as better than the ‘proper’ albums released in the same period. I sometimes think I could learn from this, rather than ponder too much over running order etc? Anyhow, this merry6mas includes new unreleased and live material recorded during 2014. Most of these songs didn’t really fit with the album, and a few came along after the album was completed….“October drone” and “to be continued…” were each recorded in a single live take with no overdubs, only edited for length (the latter being cut from a 16 minute original). Of the others,“lighthouse 1” was considered for the album “closer to the sea without moving” but left off, after many listens, in favour of other versions of the piece. Lighthouse 2 is a completely different piece, only sharing a title with the others, both here and on the album. Gusts was a song from early in 2014 that I was initially unsure of, but after some mixing and adjustment I like the result. Drone#2 is an odd one, as i really can’t remember recording it, but i think it’s me at my most Labradford, though obviously not as good as their recordings. The remaining tracks: “sleet day”, “they look lost” and “red candy”, were recorded live at FUSE Art Space in Bradford at one of my two live appearances of the year, this being one of the live shows i am most happy with of all i’ve done, and i think they fit well here with the other material. so there you have it…another year another merry6mas, and hopefully you will feel a worthwhile addition to the catalogue. back for more I guess next year, when merry6mas will be old enough to apply for a driving licence.’

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