mind brains

We haven’t quite as yet gotten around to hearing the forthcoming mind brains debut set (due out via orange twin after Christmas) despite ever best intention – though rest assured it’s on our to do list later this week. For the uninitiated among you Mind Brains are a collective pool of talent whose membership have in past lives (some still current) featured in such celebrated combos as Olivia tremor control, of montreal, dark meat, marshmallow coast, circulatory system and the music tapes, their remit is simple – to save from the scrapheap and retain in memory lost sound mediums by way of retuning and cannibalising old analogue synths, circuit boards, toy instruments and Casio and Atari body parts and crafting from said instruments and flea market finds something of a minimalist old school homage to Silver Apples, Tubeway Army and Chrome  (that was it says on the press blurb). As said scarcely a chance just yet to investigate further though I can tell you in arrived resplendently sandwiched between two slices of bread and a whole host of inserts….quite a fanciable thing which before we drone on any further we better give you a taste of courtesy of an illuminating instructional video…….which goes like this….

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