You know how every so often something comes along and hits you unexpected between the eyes and knocks you off balance, well for me today’s wow moment occurred upon hearing this delicately turned darling. In truth not what we were expecting especially since an unsolicited email from one of their number ended by saying there was an album currently around entitled ‘proper fucked’. Be honest like me you were expecting all manner of sonic shrapnel and hijinks, but not so – in fact you couldn’t be further from the mark even if you ran in the opposite direction. ‘Kav’ incidentally a new cut doesn’t appear on the aforementioned album and is the latest single by Scandinavian collective Steso, in short four minutes of breath taking beguilement serenaded in the prickly feel good warmth of swooning choirs, the reflective blossoming hope held sighs of sea faring pastorals and the soft seductive ache of a vocalist whose delicate though alluring yearns sounds like the subdued fusion of the Sundays’ Harriet Wheeler and Olof Arnalds, stir the ingredients together and what you get is what can only be described as a snow crushed dream pop murmur of such serenely understated and  poised beauty that we suspect those admiring of platters put out by ClubAC30 will find much to swoon to whilst likewise I’m thinking that errant album is in much need of hearing   

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