wax witches

Seeing as you’ve all been ever so nice here’s a trio festive treats to keep the cockles a warm…..just in case you were wondering where we primed these from – I’ll just say that we’ve only gone and stumbled another merry mix tape this time cobbled together by those burger record dudes…..first up…..

Old friends to these pages Wax Witches stomp up ‘Santa’s on the drugs he’s got the Christmas buzz’ which I must admit had us near digging out our prized filthy little angels platters notably those by captain polaroid and star fighter pilot, as with the current Kentish fire platter there’s something of the Winterbrief’s about this impish cutie as it waywardly staggers along to a wonky electro charm loosely biting at the waitresses ‘christmas wrapping’…. https://soundcloud.com/burgerrecords/wax-witches-santas-on-the?in=burgerrecords/sets/burger-records-holiday-mix

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