ariel kalma

Again I must apologise as I do seem to recall seeing this particular news item mentioning a coinciding album release, alas I’ve lost the details so you might have to scramble around t’internet to check for yourselves – power to the people – huzzah – call it an age thing or just seriously bad housekeeping but one thing is for certain this is a must see documentary about Ariel Kalma entitled ‘an evolutionary music’. Billed as a day in the life of Ariel Kalma it portrays the legendary musician talking about music and what it means to him, his early experiences in the 70’s, the factors that have shaped his unique style and musical tongue – in this case Indian music and its transcendental qualities along with the use of field recordings of nature’s songs (birds etc…..) – a very rare treat – should you need reference points with which to start your journey into Ariel’s musical world so lazily described as world music yet in truth it’s the joining of the great divide between the ancient East and the modernist West being crafted into something bordering on spiritual at times then we suggest making your way towards his extraordinary ‘les temps des moissons’ which found the subject of a limited re-issue on the ever admired beta lactam ring imprint a few years – more from beta lactam ring a little later.


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