father murphy

In recent years no artist has come close to both tantalising and terrorising our turntable than the duo Father Murphy, existing outside the accepted sonic spectrum, they are the classic sore thumbs confounding and confusing their listenership whilst firmly pushing the envelope in your direction constantly forcing you to change the way you view / assimilate and appreciate music not merely as an art form or sound resource but further still into something approaching an arcane ritual or rather more an exorcism forcing you to  confront your own demons and question your sanity. Next chapter in what has been thus far a challenging back catalogue, blue tapes are about to release ‘Cavalry’ on cassette, a herald as were marking the coming a ‘concept’ full length. A guest appearance by Ezra Buchla formerly Gowns (a regular occurrence on latterly releases), ‘Cavalry’ may yet prove to be Father Murphy’s most confrontational release to date, described as ‘sound art set to a poem depicting the crucifixion of Dismas, Gestas and Jesus of Nazareth’ this sombrely toned 11 minute suite features field recordings aimed to replicate the construction of the crosses and the hammering of the nails, bleakly dead headed and chillingly stilled there’s a desolate detachment grimly biting away at the wretched grimness revealing itself within, at once uncomfortable and disquieting, the harrowing chill of the groaning cries and the impassioned howls align their morbid tension to the grating desperation oppressively gnawing away throughout. Not I fear for those of a feint hearted nature.

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