katie gately / tlaotlon

I can tell without a shadow of doubt that since arriving in our gaff this particular release has been the recipient of many a fondly in awe glance. The latest release in Fat Cat’s legendary split series – which just to recap for those among you not previously familiar – was / is a series showcasing talents consider by the Fat Cat office to be seriously ahead of the musical curve whilst traversing new previously unexplored musical continents. The series admittedly an on / off affair since its critical high point in 2000 was initiated way back in 1997 with the limited issue of a 12 inch pairing together third eye foundation and V/VM, each release arriving housed in distinctly eye catching drill hole sleeves and giving much needed and deserved exposure to a formidable roll call of talent that has included AMM, James Plotkin, Pimmon, Kid 606, Matmos, Fennesz, Avey Tare, Sunroof, Astral Social Club and many more. For release #23 they assembled and pitted together on opposing sides of wax the rarefied talents of Katie Gately and Tlaotlon, both ought to be familiar to regular observers of these missives given we adored to bits the formers appearance on the aforementioned Blue Tapes imprint a year or more ago and likewise with the latter for a superb head turning showing on the esteemed Trensmat (who I should point out we will be re-engaging with at the earliest convenience in the new year). You can immediately see why Fat Cat fell for Katie Gately – her abstract uncoordinated coordination and ethereal playfulness, the way she bends sonic shapes to craft mini symphonies within symphonies ensures that repeat listens always offer up new previously unrealised passages or sub stratas on each repeat revisit, there’s definitely that same impish free spirit coursing throughout that first waywardly emerged dizzily from out of the grooves of Animal Collective’s first two FC releases. ‘pivot’ is in short a 15 minute enchanted odyssey, a frosted trip-a-delic garland terraforming sumptuously by way of a creative mindset predisposed to the clever, the kooky and the wilfully abstract albeit crookedly so, this sepia trimmed ghost light shimmers and shifts without fair warning or inkling across demurring aural landscapes that stop for rest intervals tweaked in minimalist electronics whilst subtly dimpled in essences of gospel, monastic, radiant lunar fanfares, nursery rhyme mantras, campfire cosmedelic cuteness and perky skip-a-long pop which should you need reference markers to help in your guidance then we suggest you brush up on your knowledge and familiarity of Laurie Anderson. In a nutshell ‘pivot’ is an ethereal cosmic hymn. As to Tlaotlon over on the flip side, in sharp contrast to his erstwhile wax sharing sparring partner four cuts that pretty much find New Zealand based sound alchemist Jeremy Coughbrough wading through mesmeric waters to create what can only be best described as a Dadaist dreamscape with ‘myriade’ opening the proceedings immersing your headspace in a glorious confusion of sonic messages that swirl and swarm like brain burning transmissions from some as were critical meltdown suffering mind wiping dram machine. No sooner do you escape with faculties barely intact before ‘Ascensis’ is upon you, micro sonic sculpturing rippled in dubtronic tropicalia and a sub-tronic minimalistic trance funk, the textures tight, taut and intricate buzz and bop to the kind of hypnotic engineering that was once the given remit of releases often bearing the names Casino vs. Japan or the hallmark Tigerbeat6 stamped upon their hides. ‘odys’ the most expansive cut here is your ice sculptured styled alien tropical oddness which manages to morph upon a subtle funk lineage that imagines Louis and Bebe Barron strange out there futuro visions being robo-funked by Herbie Hancock and then fed through an Autechre shredder. However that said it’s the parting ‘Siade’ that in truth won our hearts, a dreamy lunar waltz playfully gurgling and cooing in the twinkled night sky all of whose lo-fi tronic lilt ought to arrest those of you adoring the early work of maps and diagrams and ISAN.  

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/113537396″>Katie Gately – Pivot (Official Music Video)</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/louisjmorton”>Louis Morton</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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