kicker of elves best of pod

Schizo Fun Addict also head up the kicker of elves best of 2014 podcast put up by the trust the wizards blog which you can hear by tapping on the link somewhere to the foot of this ramble, their frankly gob smacking cover treatment of Goblin’s immortal theme from ‘suspiria’ was among our favourite listening moments of the year and certainly out there on its todd-ney as the best rephrasing we’d had the pleasure of getting our lugs around and this being serviced through a label – Fruits de Mer who just went from strength to strength blowing minds and dazzling eyes with a formidable release roster that this year was capped off by a boxed 10 flexi disc frenzy and a double disc Floyd cover set which rumours abound is due to be graced by a limited vinyl pressing available to all who attend their all dayer with mega dodo records spring time next year. Elsewhere on this here kicker of elves podcast year end best of podcast some superb Times and Denim meets Mott glammed out pub rocked groove from David Woodcock with ‘the adventures of me and you’ culled from his self titled full length – a copy I fear we need as soon as. Elsewhere some sterling gnarled Fatima Mansions flavoured agit rock-a-hula from the nightingales courtesy of ‘bullet for Gove’ while Sleaford Mods who due to a glaring oversight we meant to feature earlier in the month enact a spot of minimalist post punk edginess that’s straight out of the songbook of John Cooper Clarke with ‘tweet tweet tweet’ and really how could you pass up on papernut cambridge’s ‘nutflake social’ one of our favourite releases of the year not that they sent over copies of the album or the single now I come to think of it – ho hum. Anyhow fill your boots here….

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