schizo fun addict vs, the bordellos

Staying with Schizo Fun Addict a little while longer, it seems that long awaited split cassette with the Bordellos has been made available for preview and digital purchase with four tracks being posted up on band camp as teasers. Available in conjunction with Small Bear records – a little more from them shortly, this four track showcase features two cuts apiece from each of the bands. The Schizo’s side of the bargain opens with ‘AM story’ which emerges haloed in the crystalline hush of softly sedated lysergic opines which in the blink of a starry eye morph seductively into wells of caressing wooziness the type of which whose honey glazed hues and harmonic discordance mirrors that of a youthful ‘Jack’ era Moose before rupturing and fracturing in hazes of ‘Sister’ sourced Sonic Youth glazes. ‘Endorphin Portal’ is your 6 minute head expanding spin cycle trance toned cerebral brain feed that imagines a seriously freaked and kraut cruised mid-career Primal Scream having lost touch with reality following a marathon mind wiping sleep deprived experiment enacted upon by Flowchart whereby Gillespie and co find themselves tied up and trussed and forced to listen to the trip-a-delic back catalogue of Delirium records from start to finish in its entirety. As to the Bordellos ‘hit it’ which was at one time mooted as an ear candy featurette on a proposed split teaser 7 inch for the cassette release, this is the Bordellos persona that reveals itself warped, twisted and dysfunctional laying garage grizzled fuzz scuffed souring earworms in your headspace as though some wig flipped mutation scratching its way out of the Mark E Smith’s dark psyche cobbling out wired lo-fi dark odes to the forgotten. We were pre-warned that ‘a little sadness’ would floor us, they weren’t kidding, its frayed and bruised vulnerability comes dinked and augmented by a melody so frail, fragile and broken that you fear just the slightest movement on the part of the listener might prompt it to shatter into a forlorn heap, still aside the obvious nods to the likes of (Simon) Joyner and (Elliott) Smith beneath the happy sad mournful celebration we do swear we hear – too much joy incidentally – echoes of Hefner in cahoots with a ‘gigglegoo’ Freed Unit which in short kind of does it for us. The release is available as a name your price download with requests that you make a donation to your favourite charity.

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