septimus keen

We get easily confused here, call it an age thing or put it down to the fact that we read messages in a rather piecemeal fashion honing in on the stuff we need and forgetting everything else. Now if you are impatiently wondering where exactly we are going with this it’s simply to say that in my confused headspace I’m fairly certain that Melmoth the Wanderer – the purveyor of finely crafted, albeit a tad eerie, podcasts oft featured here too much undying affection and praise and Septimus Keen – clearly not his birth name – are in fact one and the same. Anyway before missives start flashing to and forth cyberspace denying such here’s a bonafide creep out in the guise of the free to download 13 minute ‘the voice experiment’. Taking its initial remit in delving into the scientific worlds of EVP research this chiller manages to hauntingly manifest from the eerie to the macabre what first sounds like a controlled laboratory exercise soon shifts into unearthly environs where amid the darkest recesses of the unknown malevolent inhabitants from behind the veil to perpetrate a disquietingly morbid and dread filled dark ceremony – something I hasten to add best heard in daylight and not the choking still of the witching hour.

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