the grubby mitts

somehow and too much bewildered befuddlement we must have missed the occasion of the grubby mitts debut album, not quite sure how the hell it happened but I can tell you now that questions are being asked and the use of such memory jogging techniques involving tweezers, strategically enabled electrodes and itching powder have been worrying rumoured. Still all is not lost because we have this with which to grace your head space with – ((woah hang on lads go easy on the Chinese burns we’ve just had an update (in other words read the PR email properly) the album is out in March)) – which from said forthcoming platter the band / label have just sneaked out a re-mastered album version ‘to a friend’s house the way is never long’ (is this making sense everyone at the back?). Anyhow this playful spot of softly stretching, thawing and blossoming cuteness will I guarantee arrest the most reticent of souls not least for the way its blessed with the kind of chalky innocence of a pre-school playroom all deliciously wrapped up snugly warmed against the winter chill outside, in my mind’s eye I see a snow flecked cosy toed fire around which a merry mulled wine cheer of shady bard and iliketrains souls sigh, serenade and sooth the frosted night air to the glowing embrace of wonky Vernon Elliott brass fanfares. Quite adorable.

staying with the grubby mitts for some yearning yuletide hopefulness recorded for BBC Radio 6’s Tom Ravenscroft recently, this is ‘come on home for Christmas’ which comes all festooned in twinkling shimmers, hushed vocals, choral harmonies and a fair amount of fairy dust for what is essentially forlornly lilting love note which should you so wish – and we heartily recommend that you do – you can grab a download of by going here – the album is incidentally out on lost toy this coming spring time.

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