matthew sooner

i guess you won’t be too surprised to hear that somewhere from jumping out of our in box and into our lap we’ve managed to mislay said email from Matthew Sooner who recently penned a note to us asking if we’d care to grab an earful of his latest single ‘wrote of a life’ which I must admit due to reading the title and missive too fast we misread as ‘wrote for luck’. Ah a cover of an old much loved chestnut from the Happy Mondays we thought. And so armed in this misguided belief we were all a ready to for a spot of baggyist retro even doing our best Bez poses in readiness. Alas not so for within mere seconds we had realised our error and were soon found serenaded by a fleet footed jangling jamboree to which ought to appeal and be the cause of much aisle swooning from those tuned into the kind of perky pop platters heading out of such esteemed imprints as fortuna pop, matinee and elefant for this three minute Sarah tweaked lovely comes trimmed in the handiwork of the Springfields and the Sea Urchins not to say etched with a spot of Hey Paulette for good measure albeit demurred in the bitter sweet flashings of a youthful Smiths. What’s not to love we ask.

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